An Open Letter to Democrats


Your party has won the presidency as well as control of the Senate and the House.  That puts a significant responsibility on your shoulders for leadership in our country.  And though I have many policy differences with you, I want you to know that my prayers are with you.  I love my country deeply and so therefore I want you to succeed in leading our country correctly in these tough times.

Respectfully, though, I’d like to point out the most significant issue that causes me deep concern and that has kept me—and many other believers in Jesus—from supporting your party in any way.

It is the issue of abortion.

I have heard and even applauded many Democratic leaders who have stood up for the right of those who are underprivileged.  I haven’t always supported your proposed solutions, but I have admired your desire to help the underprivileged.  I have listened to your arguments for racial equality.  I have listened to your arguments for criminal justice reform and the rights of criminals.  I have listened to your arguments for equal pay and equal rights for women.  I have listened to your arguments for improving the pay and rights of underpaid workers.  I have listened to your arguments for those who are members of minority religions and for those who look at morality differently than I do.

Logic and consistency would tell me that I should also be able to listen to your arguments for those who are unborn.  But I don’t hear those arguments coming from your party.

I remember a good friend once telling me that he was a Democrat because “Democrats always stand up for the little guy.”  He didn’t convince me to join your party, but that statement impressed me, because I too want to stand up for the little guy.

But where—in your insistence in standing up for the little guy who cannot stand up for themselves—is your desire to stand up for those who are yet unborn?  Isn’t that a logical extension of your desire to stand up for the little guy?

I’ve heard all the arguments about when life and human rights begin.  Some say that these rights begin at conception, or at implantation, or at viability, or at some specific trimester, or at birth.  I guess I just look at it in simplistic terms.  An unborn baby is a unique human being with their own specific DNA.  As a human being, they should have human rights.  And since they cannot stand up for themselves, others must do it for them.

Why does a party that prides themselves in standing up for the little guy not stand up for the unborn?

What I’m asking you is simple and direct and consistent with everything else that you say.  I’m asking you to start your concern for the underprivileged and for human rights at the earliest possible stage. 

I’m asking you to fight as hard for the rights of the unborn as you do for anyone else.