Bible Studies

Follow along through several series taught by Pastor Jack as part of our Wednesday Night Bible Study. You can find the first lesson of each series below, along with a description of the class. Follow the links to the rest of the lessons. We pray that these classes deepen your knowledge of the Bible and your love for God!

How to Pray

Learn how to pray by studying the great prayers of the Bible.

Spiritual Awakenings

God has shaped history in large part through the use of spiritual awakenings.  A study of those awakenings (1) restores our faith in God, (2) gives us hope for the future, and (3) instructs us on our role in the work of God.

I invite you to our Wednesday night class.  I believe that the class will do all three of the above things for us.  It will meet beginning January 3rd. 

Keeping the Holidays "Holy"

The word ‘holiday’ is short for ‘holy day,’ but American
culture ignores the holy. A fear of offending keeps God and Jesus
out of the public eye. And since most Americans are only nominally
religious, secular traditions are the primary focus. But taking ‘holy’
out of family celebrations removes a great tool for passing on our
faith. The family—not the Temple or synagogue—was the central
venue of faith to Hebrews and early believers. So ‘holy’ days were
the best days to teach the family about their faith.

How can we restore the holidays as a tool for our own and our
family’s spiritual growth? That’s the focus of this class.

How to Grow as a Believer

What does it take to grow as a believer? The right beliefs, the right disciplines, and the right practices.

Join us in this interactive class as we learn about what we can do to grow in our Christian walk!

Summer Bible Study Series

This summer, we will be looking at what some of the shorter books in the New Testament can teach us. 

We will be studying Philemon, 2nd & 3rd John, and James. Even though these books are short, they are packed full of wisdom and practical application!

Looking to the Future - What the Bible Teaches About the End Times

What does the Bible say about the end times, the return of Jesus, the final judgment, and eternity?  How close are we to the end times?  What can we anticipate in our own life times or the lifetimes of our grandchildren?

No one knows all of the answers, but the Bible has given us many details that will help us unravel the future and to have confidence to face it!  .

Join Pastor Jack as we look into what the Bible teaches about the future.


Apologetics is defined as “reasoned arguments or writings in
justification of a religious doctrine.” It combines Biblical truth
with reasoned arguments, and the two supplement each other.
Reasonable arguments can lead to inquiry which can lead to
faith. And reasonable understanding builds faith.

10 Periods of Bible History

We teach the Bible illogically. We tell stories out of order. We end up with knowledge—but without an understanding how it all fits together. Though the Bible is made up of 66 books, it is a whole, and it tells the story of God from “In the beginning, God,” to “Yes, I am coming soon.”

This class is an attempt to teach the Bible systematically, so that
students can see the Bible as a whole and therefore see how God
worked throughout history—and see that He is still at work.

How To Interpret the Bible

There are no shortcuts to correctly understanding the Bible. Almost
instinctively, when you read the Bible, you go through the
following four steps. Major problems of understanding,
interpreting, and applying occur when you do not go through
these steps thoroughly, or if you make mistakes, or if you do not
understand the process.

By the way, these four steps work in all forms of written and verbal
communication, but they are especially important in
understanding the Bible because we believe the Bible—when
correctly understood—is authoritative. Our task in this class is to
help you work through these steps correctly and with real