Avondale Baptist Church

((First Southern Baptist Church of Avondale)
1001 N. Central Avenue  /  Avondale, AZ  85323  /  623-932-2723
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Our Benevolence Fund


We do our best to help those who attend FSBCA.  One way we help the FSBCA family is to provide emergency financial aid from a benevolence fund.  Our resources, of course, are limited.  We are not able to help those who are outside of our area.  We have adopted the following guidelines to share with those in need:


Our deacons administer this fund.  When you have a need, you can contact any member of our benevolence team, contact the church office at naomi@abcaz.net or at 623-932-2723, or fill out a request form online.  (See the link below.)  Our benevolence fund dollars come from fundraisers and from special offerings that we take following the Lord's Supper.


We are happy to help.  Receiving help is a natural part of the Christian life.  There need be no shame in asking for help.  All of us have been both on the giving and the receiving end of Christian love, mercy, and helps.  


Accountability and confidentiality are both built into our system. The benevolence team will need to know a few details about your need, and will share the details only with the benevolence team and the church treasurer.  Our treasurer will pay vendors (utility companies, landlords, etc.) directly whenever possible, since we do not distribute cash or checks make out to members.  No one else will receive information about your request.  And since our benevolence team does their work via the phone or email, they can usually make a fast decision and get help within a day or two.


Biblical and financial counseling is available.  We have men and women who will be glad to help you with a budget and give you information that will help you in the future.  Those who make a second request from the fund will be expected to take advantage of a class or financial counseling.


We do not make loans.  When we are able to help, we will do so without any expectation that the money will be repaid.  If you later are able to help others, feel free to make a gift to the benevolence fund.


Our funds are limited.  Our desire is to meet every request, but funds are limited and we are able to help only in true emergencies.  We are able to help a family no more than two times per year and the total dollar amount for any twelve month period is limited to $600.


Work is available.  Much of the work of our church is conducted by those who volunteer their time and talents.  We encourage those who receive benevolence funds to freely offer their time, talents, and abilities to the church.  At any given time, we have Febitorial, office, yard, and painting work that needs to be done.  When this work is done by volunteers, this reduces our expenses and allows us to put more of our funds directly into ministry.


We encourage and teach a Christian lifestyle.  Though all of us will have emergency needs and tough times, we believe that—in the end—God blesses those who follow His commands and principles and who serve Him.  As part of helping you with emergency funds, we want to remind you and encourage you to do those things which are pleasing to God:  Participate regularly in worship, study the Bible, pray, work hard, serve God, live with integrity, spend wisely, and give your tithe to God.


If you need help, we will need you to fill out a Benevolence Request Form with all of the details of your need.