• please pray for son-n-law, Thomas. having a biopsy procedure today.
  • Need prayers for my son Andy who is having surgery tomorrow morning thank you in Jesus name Amen
  • I've been battling severe depression and feeling defeated. Pray that God would restore me mentally and physically and give me hope. Pray that God would renew my faith in Him and help me through everything. Finally pray that God would help me forgive everyone whose wronged me and heal my family.
  • Please pray for my son-in-law ,Thomas. He has had a CT scan and being referred to a lung specialist and being sent to urologist for ultrasound. TY ~blessings ~jackie
  • Please pray for my grandson, Ian, and the mission trip he is on now in Zambia, Africa.
    Thank you. Marie G.
  • Please pray for Luis Rodriguez. He needs to have surgery due to cervical stenosis. His heart is being monitored, since he has high blood pressure.
  • Pray for Tom. He is in the hospital with blood clots. He will be staying a few days.
  • Please pray for my friends Jessica and Mary Lou
    Valenzuela. Their dad passed away on May 24th.
    Their mom just passed away about 10 months ago.
    Dad's funeral is today.
  • Have a heavy heart today for my grandkids. All have special needs, most notably two grandsons with autism. Let's pray for freedom from the jail Satan put them in and speech restored, They need to speak and have Happy thoughts.

  • Please pray for the salvation of those on my prayer list. Thank you.
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