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Jan 24

6:00 pm Family Fun Friday

January 26

ABC's Continue

Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Bible Study at 9:45 am.

Jan 26

6:00 pm Missions Tailgate Party

Feb 14

Valentine's Day Dinner 



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Why I Enjoy Mission Trips

(And Especially This One!)

There are some very obvious reasons we go on mission trips.  God has called us to do His work and carry His love and His gospel to all people. As His people, we want to be obedient to that call--and so we go.

But there are more reasons why I enjoy mission trips, and especially this last mission trip to Dominica.

I was thinking about those things this morning, and I wanted to share those things with you.  Perhaps it will encourage you to go on a mission trip with us!

  • I enjoyed the deep sense of teamwork and camaraderie that occurs in a group of workers.  We all got along and enjoyed each other’s company tremendously.  We didn’t have any whiners or complainers, and everyone handled the unexpected hardships very well.  (Yes, we picked on each other, but it was good-natured!)

  • I enjoyed getting out of the constant news flow that is part of life in America.  For an entire week, I heard very little about impeachment, Iran, and the other issues that you can’t escape in America.

  • On the other hand, I enjoyed hearing people in another country explain their opinions about America, Iran, and world affairs.  I was often asked, “What do you think about your President?”  I typically gave as generic an answer as possible, “We have many in our church who think he’s a great president and others who do not.  As the pastor, I don’t say much either way except to pray for Him.  What do you think?”  I always received an earful.  Understanding other’s opinions—even if you disagree—is healthy.

  • I was reminded how blessed we are in our country.  I saw real joy in the smile of a 9-year-old who was moving into a house.  It had only a plywood floor and a metal roof.  The walls were just studs and the backside of siding.  There was no electricity or plumbing.  But she showed us with a grin she could not contain—as if it were a mansion—windows that had screens and actually opened and she was amazed that she had a front door that actually locked!

  • I grew as a believer and a disciple myself.  Not one of us (not even a pastor) is fully mature.  On a mission trip while we are out of our comfort zone, God teaches us new things in a different way.  It was healthy for me!

  • I enjoyed the worship at Deliverance Baptist Church.  Their culture is very different than ours, but they worship the same God, praise the same Jesus, sing some of the same songs, are led by an excellent preacher and musicians, and enjoy real fellowship together.

  • I enjoyed seeing some young men step forward and lead.  I’m not much of a carpenter, so I wasn’t expected to take the lead on home building.  But we have some real expertise in our church.  And seeing these men excel in their areas of giftedness helped me to see them as they really are and not just men sitting in a church pew.

  • I enjoyed NOT being the leader.  In church life, I do a lot of leading.  On this trip, the team apparently saw my job as “the guy who signed the paperwork,” and “paid the bills,” and “prayed.”  It was nice seeing others take the lead for most of the trip! 


We're not yet sure of the exact dates of our 2021 trip, but we do plan on going again.  I'd like to ask you to think about it and pray about it. 


And we do plan on going to teach a Vacation Bible School at the Piñon Gospel Church in Piñon, Arizona, on the Navajo Indian Reservation sometime in June.  I'd like to ask you to think about it and pray about it.


Obviously, a mission trip is done for God's glory and to accomplish His work.  One of the secondary benefits is what the trip does for us.  It encourages us, helps us grow as believers, and allows us to see things we would never see if we hadn't gone.


Join us for mission work this coming year.  Go to Dominica.  Go to Piñon.  Or serve in one of our many ministry projects right here on our own campus! 

In the meantime, I'll see you Sunday!


Pastor Jack

Family Fun Friday!

January 24 at 6:00 pm


Join us for our first Family Fun Friday of 2020! We are having an Italian themed potluck dinner and old fashion game night. Families with children of all ages (preschoolers, children and teens) are invited to bring your favorite Italian dish (salad, main dish, or dessert) to share and the church will provide the bread and drinks. If you need some ideas of what to bring I have suggestions! 


We want to offer families an opportunity to “break bread” together. Research has shown that family meals and activities like game nights help strengthen families.This can be even more fun when we include our church family!


Join us Friday, January 24 at 6:00 pm in the gym. Bring your favorite family game (some will be provided) and an Italian dish to share, and of course the whole family for Family Fun Friday!

 Missions Tailgate Party!


We invite you to our missions celebration THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!  It is a sports "tailgate party" theme.  We will serve tailgate party food, present our 2020 missions plan, enjoy some friendly competition, and raise funds for our missions ministry.  The party will be this Sunday evening, January 26, at 6:00 pm.


We have a variety of decorated tables.  Some are expected:  The Cardinals, The Suns, The Raiders.  And some are a little surprising.  We have sports tables for Agua Fria, South Dakota State, and even the Dickinson North Dakota Blue Hawks.


Didn't buy a ticket yet?  That's okay, just show up.  We have plenty.  You can purchase a ticket on Sunday morning or at the event.  They are only $5 each!

Kids Camp


Parents do you have plans for Spring Break?


Mark your calendars for KIDS CAMP! We are headed to UCYC (United Christian Youth Camp) for Bible study and worship along with some fun, relaxation, recreation, hiking, fresh air, good food, and friendship building! Camp is for kids in grades 1-6 grade. The cost for camp is $170.  Scholarships are available so let me know right away if you need one. We would love to see every kid go, that wants to go!


Parents-you want to go to? We will need adult chaperones to attend as well. These spaces are limited so let me know if you want to go! More details will come soon, but it will be here before you know it!


For more info, contact Amy, amy@abcaz.net.

Make your reservations now for Valentine’s Day. This youth camp fundraiser dinner is Friday, February 14, from 5:00-8:00 pm. Please plan to attend with your sweetheart or come to enjoy the company of others as a single in the beautiful restaurant atmosphere with live music. The menu begins with a salad and choice of dressing followed by Chicken Parmesan on a bed of pasta, delectable sauce and garlic bread. The pièce de résistance is a slice of homemade cheesecake with strawberry sauce and whipped cream. Couples are asked to donate $30 and singles $15.


Please plan to join us! Every lady gets a rose!


Reservation tables will be outside the east foyer Sunday mornings, February 2 & 9. You can also secure your table by emailing Student Ministries Director Holly Kilfoyle at holly@abcaz.net.  

 Bible Reading Plan!

Through The Bible in 2020!


In 2020, we invite you to read through the Bible with us using the YouVersion Bible App.  I will personally be using their "One Year Bible" plan. It's a little different than the plan I've typically used.  Each day's reading has both Old and New Testament readings.  It will take us through the Bible in a year.  The app (YouVersion) is available in both Apple and Android plans.


Want to join me in 2020?  You can friend me in the app (using my personal email address, marslender@yahoo.com) and we can communicate in the App.  It's an extra level of accountability!