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August 16

Worship in person and online at

Worship at 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 am.

August 18

Women's Bible Study and Men's Bible Study Zoom Classes

August 30

Lord's Supper in Worship



See our webpage, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@abcaznet), on instagram (avondale.baptist)or read Pastor Jack's blog for more info.  Or feel free to give us a call or stop by the church office!


As a pastor, I do not endorse candidates or political parties.  I want to be known primarily as a believer in and a follower of Jesus, especially in my position as a pastor.


But I do have strong opinions.  Rather than share my political thoughts, I want to spend my energy teaching believers to think and act in Biblical terms, even in the world of politics.  I am already frustrated by the lack of respect and the high level of dishonesty already seen in this election cycle.  And it is probably only going to get worse.


Believers can be different.  Believers must be different!  Because the cause of Christ is greater than any political party or candidate.


So get involved in the political world--but be sure you are thinking, acting, and speaking in a way that gives honor and glory to Jesus.


I invite you to read my blog on Politics for Believers, 2020 Edition!


Pastor Jack


A church is more than a worship event or a building.  A church is a family, and there are many important family functions in which we can help.  Don't let the current virus situation keep you from talking to us about special services. 


We've been in this situation long enough that we've learned ways to get things done.  We can do socially distant weddings.  (I have two on my calendar right now.)  We can baptize.  We can do baby dedications.  And should the need arise, we have done and can do and have done funerals and memorial services.  We've even done drive-by wedding and baby showers!


 We can't do receptions and meals, and we do ask participants to wear masks and maintain social distancing, but if you are looking for some help for a family event, contact us!


Pastor Jack

Good News / Bad News

On The ABC Basketball League


The Bad News:  We didn't want to have to do this, but it looks like our fall basketball league will be another casualty of Covid.  We do not believe that we can run a socially distant league, and we don't want to put players, coaches, referees, or workers at risk.   


Our desire and goal is to restart the league in January.  Those who are signed up for this fall will automatically be given first chance at signing up in January.


The Good News:  One of our players, Jalen Causey, earned a full basketball scholarship to Tiffin University in Ohio!  (That's Jalen and his mom in the picture.)  We congratulate him and are pleased that we had a least a small hand in his growth at a player and a man.  Jalen was an excellent player in our league and showed great character as well.  We wish him well!


Good job, coaches and referees! 


And great job to the church, for sponsoring community-oriented outreach ministries!

Back to School Goody Bag!


Hey Parents,


 It is back to school time. Our children's ministry would like to celebrate and encourage your K - 6 graders with a small goody bag and remind them that we are praying for them and thinking about them. These little goody bags will have some fun stuff to remind them that Jesus loves them and goes to school with them all throughout the year. 


We would like to mail or deliver these packages to your child at the end of the month. We need your help! Please contact the church office or email me with your student's information, including the correct spelling of their name, address, phone number, parent's email, and their current grade so we can make sure they get their gift.


As always if there is anything you need or would like some help with please let us know how we can help!   ​


Amy Zimmerle

Prayer Meeting


Our zoom prayer meeting link and code for August prayer meetings has changed.  (We change it monthly for security purposes.)  You can join the prayer meeting (it's each Wednesday at 7:00 pm) by following this link: that link doesn't work for you, just go to and join by Meeting ID 836 2290 3741. 


Each week's meeting lasts for 45 minutes and is open to everyone!

Wednesday Devotional


Ministries On Hold


The numbers of Arizona cases of the Coronavirus appear to be moving downward, and for that, we are very thankful.  It's still too early to have definite plans on re-opening our many ministries, but here are our thoughts right now. 


Worship:  Now open at 8:30, 9:45, and 11:00 am and online.  We anticipate being able to do all four services for the indefinite future. 

Office:  Open during normal office hours.

Nursery:  Open during the 9:45 service.

Mission of Mercy:  Now open on Mondays for existing patients.

Brown Bag Ministry:  We have resumed giving away lunches, M-Th.

Parenting Resource Center:  On hold for now. 

IHELP:  Closed for now.  We anticipate resuming our homeless ministry as soon as we are able.

Basketball:  We plan on resuming in January.

Women's Bible Study

We're Bringing The Party To You

Pursuing Christ Together


It's nearly here!  The simulcast began on August 8, but you can still sign up and watch!  It includes nearly all of my favorite women's Bible Study teachers including Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Jen Wilkin (our most recent fav), Angie Smith (author of “Seamless”), Kelly Minter, Jennifer Rothschild, and many more! The cost is only $20!


We will watch this in a unique format.  Instead of watching it in one setting, we will watch a different speaker each week and then discuss what we gleaned from their teaching each Tuesday during our Zoom Bible Study Classes! This will allow us to truly soak in more of the truths we are learning.


If you would like to join us, simply register individually, and then message or email me with your email and I will add you to our ZOOM Bible Study link so you can join us in discussion as well!   You are invited to be part of this global simulcast for a full day of practical Bible Study with your favorite LifeWay Women authors.  Join us as we PURSUE CHRIST together in this exciting, unique way:

Lifeway Live Simulcast!


The really cool thing is that you can either watch it all that first day (8:30 to 4:15) or any time prior to our first Zoom meeting on Tuesday, August 18.  We will than have access to it for a complete 8 weeks to continue to learn and grow from all that is taught from these truly amazing and godly women of the Word.  I love LifeWay's tagline for this--"A full day of practical study with your favorite authors in a gorgeous setting, where women, unapologetic and unshakeable in their pursuit of Christ, can come 'together."


JOIN US in front of your own computers, then for 8 weeks we will discuss and learn GROW IN CHRIST, beginning Tuesday, August 18, at 10:00 am or 6:00 pm on Zoom.  You can go to and join the 10:00 am weekly links by using Meeting ID:  859 0729 4105 and passcode 913501.  You can join the 6:00 pm meeting by using meeting ID:  834 8759 1289 and passcode 387366.


Contact me (Mary Kaye) at!