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February 23

ABC's Continue

Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Bible Study at 9:45 am.

Feb 23

5:00 pm  Benevolence Dinner and Auction 

Feb 28

Adult Choir sings at Phoenix Suns Game 

March 12-15

Kid's Camp 



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by Nehemiah

The Book of Nehemiah is a great story of a man who was moved by God to do a nearly impossible task.  But as is always the case when God leads us to do something, He gives us everything we need to do what He has asked.

That doesn't mean it is easy!  Nehemiah never received a traditional "call" like Abraham did.  Nehemiah merely saw the need, had compassion for the people of Jerusalem, was grieved in His spirit over the sad state of affairs in the city of God, and with God's help, undertook the rebuilding of the destroyed walls of Jerusalem.

It wasn't easy for Nehemiah.  He lived hundreds of miles away, so when he showed up in Jerusalem, he was considered an outsider. He had no formal training in construction.  He was much more of a servant than a leader.  There were serious doubts even among his own people that the job could be done, and there was incredible opposition from others when he made progress.

But his faith in God and his willingness to work hard himself led him to complete the task God had given him.  And along the way, he became a serious example of quality leadership.

There's much we can learn from Him, and we continue our ABC's of the Bible with this important lesson from Nehemiah this Sunday.  The things God calls us to do aren't easy, but they are doable when we learn lessons from the Bibleand Nehemiah provides a great example for us!

So I invite you to join us Sunday at 8:30 or 11:00!

Pastor Jack

PS.  I was wrong!  I jokingly introduced Nehemiah ("knee-high Miah") as the shortest man in the Bible.  He's not.  Do you know who is?  Find out on Sunday! 

It has been brought to our attention that someone is using a false email address and Pastor Jack's name to send emails requesting help.  (Some of the emails requested a $500 gift card.)  THEY ARE NOT FROM PASTOR JACK!


Please note that all email coming from Pastor Jack goes out on our abcaz.net account.  If you get something from a gmail account (or anything else), please do not respond and definitely do not send any personal information, cash, checks, or gift cards.  These emails did not come from us or from Pastor Jack. 


All email coming from Pastor Jack will be sent from jack@abcaz.net.

Benevolence Fund Dinner & Auction 

This Sunday, February 23, at 5:00 pm


We invite you to a dinner (main course of smoked pork or Chili Verde) at 5:00 pm this Sunday in the gym.  We request a donation of $5 or more for dinner.  After dinner, we will auction off a variety of desserts and other items.  All of the proceeds go to our Benevolence Fund.


We know that benevolence is an old-fashioned word.  It simply means kindness. It is a fund that we use to help members of our church family with emergency needs.  It could be rent.  Or utilities.  Or a medical bill.  We want our church family to know that when they have a need that we will respond with kindness.


And, honestly, we do it as well as any church we know.  We average about $1500 per month in help to those in our extended church family, so we count on this night raising a significant amount of money.


So come out.  Enjoy a meal.  Make a donation.  Bring a dessert or something else to auction off.  And buy something to take home or share!  It's a great way to show your kindness!

2-3 Is All It Takes


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that the most effective times in my life is when I was part of a small prayer group.  Some were at church.  Others were in homes, a park, or on a bench.  Some were an hour long; some only prayed for 15-30 minutes. Some were part of a Bible Study; others were just paryer meetings.


I encourage you to think about starting one!  All it takes is a leader and two or more people with a common spiritual interest who commit to pray for a need, a church, or a nation.  It could be any of the following:


2-3 moms praying for the salvation of their children.

2-3 Sunday School teachers praying for their classes.

2-3 grandparents praying for their grandchildren.

2-3 choir members praying for their worship leader and choir.

2-3 deacons praying for their pastor and church.


If you want, we can publicize it for you and put it on the church calendar so that others might join you, but even that isn't necessary.  Meet. Share requests.  And pray.


Nothing will bless God more than believers turning to Him in prayer together!


P.S.  Want to join an existing prayer meeting?  One meets every Tuesday at 6:00 am at the Chick-Fil-A on McDowell.  One meets on Wednesday night at 6:30 in Building D.  And one meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month in Room 1. 

Children’s Choir


We are excited about another season of children’s choir.  It meets on Sundays during the 11:00 am service for 1st - 6th graders!  The choir will work on songs to sing during worship and also get some advance look and practice of Vacation Bible School songs.


Families can still participate in worship together by coming at 8:30 am!


For more information you can contact amy@abcaz.net

Kids Camp


Mark your calendars for KIDS CAMP! We are headed to UCYC (United Christian Youth Camp) March 12-15, for Bible study and worship along with some fun, relaxation, recreation, hiking, fresh air, good food, and friendship building! Camp is for kids in grades 1-6 grade. The cost for camp is $170.  Scholarships are available so let me know right away if you need one. We would love to see every kid go, that wants to go! We have just about 3 weeks before we leave so get signed up now. There is paperwork that needs to be completed so email amy@abcaz.net as soon as possible.  


We still need one or two Moms to sign up as chaperones, let me know if you want to go!

Bible Reading Plan!

Through The Bible in 2020!


In 2020, we invite you to read through the Bible with us using the YouVersion Bible App.  I will personally be using their "One Year Bible" plan. It's a little different than the plan I've typically used.  Each day's reading has both Old and New Testament readings.  It will take us through the Bible in a year.  The app (YouVersion) is available in both Apple and Android plans.


Want to join me in 2020?  You can friend me in the app (using my personal email address, marslender@yahoo.com) and we can communicate in the App.  It's an extra level of accountability!