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April 12

ABC's Continue Online for Easter

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May 10

Mother's Day 



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It's Still Easter!

Church buildings are dark but Jesus is alive!


Think about the original disciples on the first Easter.  They didn't gather together to worship at sunrise.  They weren't singing songs of joy.  They didn't listen to a great choir and great preaching while dressed in their best.


They were in self-enforced isolation, much like we are.


Their isolation wasn't because of a virus.  They were hiding behing a locked door for fear of the Jews.  The Jews and the Romans had worked together to crucify Jesus, and they were afraid that they were next.  So they stayed out-of-sight, hoping that by doing so, they would be spared.


Some of their women reported that they had seen Jesus, but the disciples in their grief didn't really accept their story.  Peter and John actually left their hiding for a short time to see the tomb and found it empty, but only John believed that a miracle had occured.  The others, apparently, just wondered where the body of Jesus was.


So they spent their day in grief, confusion, worry, and outright fear.


It wasn't until that night that they came to believe when they saw Jesus.


We are, for the most part, in isolation in our own homes.  Most Americans are experiencing some confusion, worry, and fear.  But I pray that, like the disciples, you will find joy this Easter.


The Coronavirus hasn't changed the fact that Jesus is alive.


I was thinking about it last night as I thought about what to do about Easter services.  I have staked my whole life and ministry on this one fact:  Jesus rose and is alive!  And since that is true, I have much to celebrate.  I hope you know this as well.


So join us (online) for Easter.  Celebrate with us.  Pray for us and for each other.  And share His story (and yours) with someone this week!


Pastor Jack


We had a very successful first week of prayer in a zoom setting, and we learned some things that will make this one even better.  NOTE:  All zoom meetings now require a password or require you to follow a long line such as you can click on below!  Join us on online on Wednesday, April 8, at 7:00 pm!


Jack Marslender is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.  Topic: Prayer Meeting.  Time: Apr 8, 2020 07:00 PM Arizona
Join Zoom Meeting;  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/473528595?pwd=RUlaZ3VKbDlCdjkvcEdqd1NmTEpmQT09

Meeting ID: 473 528 595
Password: 684302

Holy Week Prayer Video & Devotional


A word from Student Ministries Director

Holly Kilfoyle


To say these last few weeks have been challenging is an understatement at best. Switching from in-person to online is definitely outside of my comfort zone. Iím sure you are having your challenges too. Focus on the Family has some great ideas on their ď50 Games and Activities To Do With Your KidsĒ page. From activities to burn energy to board games to puzzles, thereís something for everyone and every age.

Please continue to join us for Sunday morning Bible study on video every week via Vimeo or Facebook. Wednesday nights teens are invited to join us for Youth Group at Home a live stream lesson sponsored by Youth Ministry 360. Our group follows that up with a Zoom meeting to discuss the lesson. Also, Sunday afternoons at 1:00 pm is Sunday Fun! We are playing virtual games on our ABC Students page on Facebook. Winners get a food prize delivered to their home. This week is a special Easter edition. 


Most importantly, we are encouraging the teens to study the Bible and pray together on the YouVersion Bible app. We are reading through the Bible this year with The One Year Bible plan. Click https://my.bible.com/reading-plans/60-the-one-year-bible to begin this great plan.

All the links and info to everything the ABC Youth Ministry is doing is delivered by email each week. If you are not receiving emails, please contact me at holly@abcaz.net. We are praying for you! Hang in there!

A word from Children's Ministries Director

Amy Zimmerle


If the last couple of weeks at your house have been anything like the last couple of weeks at my house, you have probably been relying on a bit of coffee, Disney +, sidewalk chalk and a whole lot of prayer and Jesus! Don't get me wrong,  I have enjoyed some extra time with my kids riding bikes, baking cookies, watching movies, and playing games! A little less enjoyable has been remote learning or doing school at home, while still trying to work, clean the house,  the sibling fighting, working on my own schoolwork, and making dinner 10 times a week. Your likes and dislikes about our current situation may be different from mine but one thing we have in common is we are searching for our new normal. As you find your new normal donít forget to keep Jesus at the center of it all, especially as we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior! The way we do church has changed but the God we serve is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, letís not cease in our worship of Him.

To help keep you and your kids connected to ABC and their spiritual growth, I have been posting a weekly video from our Gospel Project lessons. They are available on the churchís website and are included in the weekly newsletter that Pastor Jack has been sending out.  We also are sending out our Sunday School lessons through Lifewayís Ministry Grid through email to parents to do with their kids. These are the lessons we would be doing in Sunday School each week, and when we are able to meet again in person they won't have missed a week. They include some fun videos, Sunday school books, activity pages, and more. I hope you will check them out. If you would like to receive these lessons email amy@abcaz.net and include the email address you would like the lesson to be sent to and I will include you in the link to these emails. Check your spam folder if you donít see it. I will try to send the link between Thursday and Saturday of each week prior to the Sunday the lesson is meant to be taught. Have another idea or way we can minister to your kids? Contact me, I would love to hear your ideas.

I donít want to overwhelm you with any more than you have on your plate already, but if you need anything please donít hesitate to call, text, or email me. Just need to vent? Call, text or email me. Do your kids have questions (school or church)? Call, text or email. Need some ideas to keep the kids busy? Call, text, or email me. Well, you get the idea... if you need anything I am here for you. Let your kids know we are thinking about them and we love and miss them and are looking forward to seeing them again soon!

A word from our Minister of Worship

Mary Kaye Wonner


Mary Kaye has a blog, and she  invites you as she writes each day about what she and others are reading through the Bible this year.  We just began the Book of Deuteronomy.  Here's the link:


We Can Help!


If you need anything at all, we want to help!  And because we have some incredibly helpful and very generous people in our congregation, we can do some things to help you may not have thought of. 


Here are some things we can do:


We have a Benevolence Fund to help the members of our church family in need.  If you need help, please ask!  You can go to www.abcaz.net/benevolence for information.

Need supplies?  We can arrange to have someone shop for you and deliver what you need.  And if you need toilet paper . . . we have some!

Need prayer?  We will pray for you!  Call us or use our online prayer request portal at www.abcaz.net/prayer.  

Need a ride?  We have volunteers who will take you to a doctor's appointment or anywhere else you need to go!

Need computer help?  Want someone to set up your computer so you can worship with us or participate in our Zoom prayer meeting? Brian  Bennawy at 602.616.1621 or sbennawy@gmail.com will talk you through any techincal issues!


And if you need something else, please ask!  Send an email to jack@abcaz.net or call the church office at 623.932.2723 and we will see what we can do!


And here's something you can do for us.  Please pass on this information to Senior Adults.  Many of them are not online, and we want to help!


We're doing our best to love God, love people, and follow Jesus!


Pastor Jack

We Closed Our Campus . . .


. . . but we didn't close our church. It's a good time to remind ourselves of the New Testament theology of the church.  The church is not the building--church buildings didn't even exist in New Testament times.  The church was the people and that's still the definition of the church.  The church is the disciples of Jesus who meet together and serve Jesus together.  So our church is still open; we are just having to find new ways to meet and serve.  Only our building is closed.


However, since I've had questions, I did want to explain why we've closed our buildings.  You can read my explanation on my blog at www.abcaz.net/blog.

Pastor Jack Marslender

How We're Doing Church Right Now!


These are difficult times for all churches, and ours is no exception.  We are learning as-we-go, so here are the things we are doing right now:

We are collecting prayer requests on the internet and by phone.  Submit your requests by calling 623.932.2723 and leaving a message if we don't answer, or on our prayer page at www.abcaz.net/prayer.  We will pray for you!

We are leading worship services online each week until we are able to meet again.  Find it on our main page (www.abcaz.net) or on our Facebook page.

We will also have a short midweek prayer video (12-15 minutes) on both places that will help you to pray for us and with us, and we are trying this week a ZOOM prayer meeting.

We are closing our office now that the governor has issued a stay-at-home order.  We WILL get phone calls--they're being forwarded during office hours.  The staff will work from home and will still get email.

Mission of Mercy is only doing prescription refills from a van in the parking lot.  Our Pregnancy Center is closed until further notice.  Our IHELP homeless ministry is suspended for now; we're finding places for those currently in the program. 

If you want to bring supplies to give out to those in need (with a focus on our own seniors), drop them off in the mornings or we will arrange to pick them up. Most needed items include paper products and baby wipes.

Our staff members are still on-duty even if they are not in the office.  So if you need anything, please let us know!  Call or email us.

We are not able to pass the plates, so you can give online on our webpage (follow the link at www.abcaz.net) or you can simply mail your checks to Avondale Baptist Church, 1001 N. Central, Avondale, AZ  85323. 

Great Idea!


A member contacted me with an idea.  He knows that others will need the anticipated government check of $1200 more than he will, so He is going to donate it to our Benevolence Fund.  That way, we will be able to help others who need it.  It's a great idea!  If others choose to do it, just designate it to "Benevolence.