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Oct 19

ABC's Continue

4:30 pm Saturday Worship

Oct 20

ABC's Continue

Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Bible Study at 9:45 am.

Oct 27

2:00  Fall Festival

Nov 9-10

Celebrate Veteran's Day in Worship! 



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I had a good question posed to me this week. "What makes your church different than any other church?"


I want to answer it carefully, for I never really like to compare our church to other churches. To me, other churches are like teammates. They’re on the same side, working for the same Lord. We all have different strengths and characteristics, but we’re working together.


Still, though, it’s a good question, and I’ll try to answer it. "What makes our church different?"


We worship God and we teach the Bible—like other churches, but it doesn’t stop there. Our strength is that we don’t just teach the Bible; we put it into practice in dozens of ways every week. We feed the hungry four days every week through our brown bag lunch program. We house and feed the homeless every week in our IHELP ministry. We offer free medical care and medicines every Monday—85 patients last week alone! We offer help to young mothers in the form of free diapers, clothing, Bible Studies, prayers, pregnancy tests, and parenting classes through our New Life Pregnancy Center—169 families last month. We offer a low-cost basketball league to children and teens and we teach them about Christ and about life while we coach—about 150 basketball players this season. We offer a free block party (“free” includes all of the food, candy, and games) to about 1200 people every year. We go to the Navajo Reservation to partner with a church in need. We build homes and ship food buckets to the impoverished Island of Dominica on a mission trip every year. We help finance new church starts in other areas. We give away a large percentage of our income to mission causes.


Maybe we’re not as trendy as other churches. Maybe our neighborhood is a little poorer than those in the newest suburbs, and our building is not as new. Maybe our pastor isn’t as young as he used to be. Maybe some (but not all) of the songs we sing have been around awhile. Maybe our decor (especially the orange carpet) seems a little dated.


Our strength is that we don’t just talk about loving God, loving people, and following Jesus.


We live it as authentically as we know how.


Join us if you can on Saturday (at the new time of 4:30 pm) or on Sunday at 8:30 or 11:00 am.  And serve with us in one of our authentically Christiam ministries!


Pastor Jack

Pastor Jack's Blog


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prhohibiting the free exercise thereof . . ."


Those are the opening words of the Bill of Rights.  The very first right guaranteed is the right to freedom of religion. 


At least one presidential candidate wants to put significant limitations on that right.  And though Pastor Jack does not endorse political candidates or parties, he can and does point out Biblical or moral issues of great importance.  Read more about our Freedom of Religion in Pastor Jack's blog at www.abcaz.net/blog

Women's Ministry Update


Our Women’s Ministry continues to grow and thrive as we make deep Bible Study the hallmark and priority of all that we do.


We are growing in Christ and learning more and more about God and His character and attributes and then seeking to be more like Him as we walk with Him each day. This newest Study, “God of Creation,” (Genesis 1-11) has been one of the greatest studies we have ever done. We only have three weeks left, but I encourage you to come and join us. Every single week is powerful. You don’t have to start from the beginning. I know you will be blessed if you simply come and hang out with us. God is moving! We are enjoying the sweetness of His Presence every time we gather. We meet on Tuesdays at 10:00 am or 6:00 pm. Come at whatever time best meets your needs. We offer childcare in the morning session. We have close to 60 women coming each week! It has been so exciting to watch God at work!


We will be following up this Study, with God of the Covenant—a Study of Genesis 12 through the end of the Book. We begin this Study in January. So if you missed this one, mark your calendars for January and join us. I promise you will be glad you did!

Fall Festival!



We invite you to join us for our annual Fall Festival!  This fun carnival-style event is packed full of fun, food, games, prizes, face painting, and more. It is fun for all ages and is a ministry of our church that Loves People! Our community and our congregation come together to mingle, share in conversations, and experience joy and fellowship with one another! Invite a family or two to this event. Don't forget to mention that every aspect of this event is free! We have handouts with information about the event available at the ministry table at the east entrance or contact amy@abcaz.net for more information.


P.S. We can still use volunteers, candy, and prize donations!

New Saturday Worship Time!


We invite you to join us for worship every Saturday evening at our new time of 4:30 pm! 


We believe the earlier start will help us reach new people, so when you invite others to worship, let them know we have a Saturday night option!


It is always a great time of worship and the same message that is preached on the following Sunday morning!


Join us!

  Daily Bible Readings

Designed to get you through the New Testament in 2019!


October 13 - Make Up Day

October 14 - Hebrews 10

October 15 - Hebrews 11

October 16 - Hebrews 12

October 17 - Hebrews 13

October 18 - James 1

October 19 - Make Up Day


October 20 - Make Up Day

October 21 - James 2

October 22 - James 3

October 23 - James 4

October 24 - James 5

October 25 - 1 John 1

October 26 - Make Up Day


NOTE:  Several have asked why we're "skipping around" the New Testament rather than reading it straight through.  Our reasoning is simple.  There are four gospels telling the story of Jesus, and we wanted us to read one of those gospels each quarter!  If you'd like to see the full plan, you can downolad your full year copy.