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December 8

ABC's Continue

Worship at 8:30 and 11:00 am. Bible Study at 9:45 am.

Dec 11, 13, 15

Christmas Musical Celebrations

Dec 18

Angel Tree Wrapping Party 

Dec 21

Angel Tree Party

Dec 24

Christmas Eve Celebration

Jan 4

9:00 - 11:00 am Basketball Sign-Up Day

Jan 26

Missions Tailgate Party



See our webpage, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@abcaznet), on instagram (avondale.baptist)or read Pastor Jack's blog for more info.  Or feel free to give us a call or stop by the church office!

One Week Away!

More Details Below


Don't let it sneak up on you.  It's nearly time for our Christmas Musical Celebrations! 


You can read more details further down in the Christmas section, but we encourage you to plan now to attend (with friends and family members) one of our three presentations.


Join us on Wednesday, December 11 at 7:00 pm; Friday, December 13 at 7:00 pm; or Sunday, December 15 at 6:00 pm. 


Our Christmas Musical Celebration is a great time to introduce new people to our church and to our faith in Jesus!



It is traditional to focus on the birth of Jesus during December, and so the typical church member knows much about the Shepherds, the Wise Men, Mary, Joseph, Bethlehem, the virgin birth, gold, frankincense, and myrhh.  This is healthy and important.


But there's so much more about Jesus that we need to know!  He's more than a baby in a manger, so in addition to looking at the birth of Jesus this December, we are going to focus on His life and ministry as an adult as well.


This Sunday, we focus (part of our ABC's of the Bible) on His baptism and temptation.


Why was He baptized?  (In our way of thinking, it was unnecessary.  But He saw it as important.)  How and why was He tempted?  What does it show us about Him?  And what does this teach us about following Him?


Join us on Sunday at 8:30 or 11:00 am as we continue our ABC's of the Bible!


Pastor Jack

Missions Tailgate Party


We invite you to our missions party this year, with a sports "tailgate party" theme.  We will serve tailgate party food, present our 2020 missions plan, enjoy some friendly competition, and raise funds for our missions ministry.  The party will be on Sunday evening, January 26, at 6:00 pm.


And you can help us!  Sign up to decorate a table with your favorite team colors, pennants, memorabilia, and decorations.  We will have 25 tables available to decorate--for a $100 dollar donation to our missions ministry!


We can't tell you who has already signed up, but you might be able to guess.  UA will have a table . . . The Oakland Raiders will have a table . . .


How about it Cardinals Fans?  Any ASU fans out there?  'Lopes?  Lumberjacks?  Agua Fria Owls?  Suns?  Westview Knights?  Diamondbacks?  Packers?  Cowboys?  Seahawks? 


Tickets to the party (only $5 each) will go on sale in January.  And if you want to make a donation to decorate a table, contact Pastor Jack while tables are still available.  There will be a prize to the best decorated table!


That's the fun part; but the real goal of the evening is to learn about and support our many missions ministries.  Put it on your calendar now!

Support Mission of Mercy / Lutheran Social Services

And Receive A Full Tax Credit!


Two of our partner ministries qualify for the Arizona Tax Credit, which means that a married couple can give them up to $800 per year and receive the full $800 back on their Arizona taxes.  Mission of Mercy (see the video) runs our Monday Medical clinic.  (Watch for clips from our church!)  And Lutheran Social Services (see the link below) provides support to our IHELP homeless ministry.


You can split your gift between the two.  (Pastor Jack and Dawn give $400 to each ministry.  Then they get it back when they file their taxes.)  It's a great way to help ministries who partner with Avondale Baptist Church!




To give to Mission of Mercy, go to

To give to Lutheran Social Services, go to (In the "Another Question or Comment" box, put "Southwest Valley IHELP.")

Great Way to Help People!


Buying gift cards and donating them to the church office is a great way to help people.  The staff uses them as needed to help people in our IHELP ministries, Mission of Mercy, basketball ministry, as a supplement to our brown bag ministry, and for others we meet who need help.   The most needed gift cards are for general/grocery/pharmacy stores like Fry's or Wal-Mart and for fast-food places.  Small amounts (from $10 to $50) are best and they allow us to meet immediate needs. 


Bring the cards to the church office and give them to Pastor Jack or Naomi or simply put them in the offering plate!

Angel Tree Christmas


We are excited to host our annual Angel Tree Party on December 21. We invite children and caregivers in our program to enjoy a meal, prizes, card making, photos, and a gospel presentation along with giving them their gifts from their incarcerated parents. We need volunteers to serve at the party with set-up, preparing meals, greeting families, taking photos, registering families, handing out prizes, altar counseling, cleaning up and then contacting families that were not able to attend to arrange pick-up and delivery of gifts before Christmas. We are also in need of people to deliver the gifts. 


We will wrap gifts for the party on Wednesday, December 18 starting at 9:30 am in the gymnasium. It's a party so there will be Christmas music playing, and goodies to share (you can bring your favorite snack) as we enjoy wrapping each gift. We are in need of clothing boxes and gift bags if you come across a good deal at the Dollar store. It is a fun time, so bring a friend and get ready to wrap, we will have a little over 300 gifts to wrap!


For more information about the Wrapping Party or Angel Tree Party, please contact or

A Challenge For Us!

New Life Pregnancy Center Closing

Join us for an informational meeting on Monday, December 9, at 9:00 am


Arizona Baptist Children's Services let us know that they are unable to keep all of their New Life Pregnancy Centers open, and ours will close on December 16.


We would like to keep it open, but we will need a director, volunteers, and some financial help.  The initial response shows that we may have enough interest to keep it open.  Accordingly, we invite anyone interested in helping us to a meeting on Monday, December 9, at 9:00 am.  (We will meet in Building D.)


The New Life Pregnancy Center (which we will probably rename to Avondale Pregnancy Center) is an incredible ministry to the many low-income mothers in our community and we would love to keep it open.  It provides material helps like diapers and clothes, parenting classes, Bible Studies, and spiritual counseling and prayer. 


Pray about the center, and join us at the meeting if you are interested!

We invite you to our Christmas Musicals, to help us love families through our Angel Tree Ministry, and to worship with us on Christmas Eve.  See details below:


2019 Christmas Musical Celebration

3 Worship Times


We invite you to join us as we celebrate our Savior's birth through music on December 11 (Wednesday) and 13 (Friday) at 7:00 pm and on December 15 (Sunday) at 6:00 pm.  All three nights feature our adult, youth, and children's choirs, plus many of our amazing soloists and musicians.  They have all been preparing for months!


Be sure to pick up some of our invitations to use when you invite others.  They are available in the church foyers!


This is a highlight of the Christmas season for our members and guests, and you will not want to miss it!



Christmas Eve Service

Tuesday Night, December 24, 6:00 pm

One Service Only -- In  the MAC!


Our Christmas Eve candlelight service is, for many of us, our favorite service of the year!


It's simple, meaningful, family-oriented, traditional, low-tech, and it focuses exclusively on Jesus.  We read the Christmas story.  Enjoy some incredible music.  Sing Christmas carols.  Light candles.  It sets the stage for a beautiful celebration of Christmas with your family. 


It's a beautiful service!


Join us on December 24th at 6:00 pm in the MAC! 


If you're looking to share the gospel (and we hope you are) then inviting a friend to the Christmas Musical Celebration and/or the Christmas Eve Service may be your best opportunity of the year!

  Daily Bible Readings

Designed to get you through the New Testament in 2019!


December 1 - Make Up Day

December 2 - Luke 4

December 3 - Luke 5

December 4 - Luke 6

December 5 - Luke 7

December 5 - Luke 8

December 6 - Make Up Day


December 7 - Make Up Day

December 8 - Luke 9

December 9 - Luke 10

December 10 - Luke 11

December 11 - Luke 12

December 12 - Luke 13

December 13 - Make Up Day


NOTE:  Several have asked why we're "skipping around" the New Testament rather than reading it straight through.  Our reasoning is simple.  There are four gospels telling the story of Jesus, and we wanted us to read one of those gospels each quarter!  If you'd like to see the full plan, you can downolad your full year copy.