October 13, 2021

Learning love In action . . . And Isaac

Loving all people is an easy concept, but based on feedback I receive, it's a hard thing to put into practice.

How do you learn love? Here is my story. And Isaac's story.

Why Do We Do Basketball?

Help Wanted!

Several of our ministries need help . . . and some of the “help” needed is something that anyone with a heart for God and for others and some time can do.  Here are a few brief “job descriptions:”

IHELP WORKERS:  We need people to work the 10 pm to 4:00 am shift in our homeless ministry, one or more Wednesday nights per month.  It’s a “be here in case there’s a problem” position.  You get your own locked room and you can sleep or stay awake as you choose.  If one of our vetted and approved homeless people need a rest room, they knock on your door and you let them in the restroom.  Everything about it is easy . . . except for the hours!

Mission of Mercy Van Driver:  If you’re experienced in driving a RV and you have an hour Monday morning and an hour Monday afternoon, this is a great position!  You pick up the RV and deliver it to church in the morning and tack it back in the afternoon!

Mission of Mercy Data Entry Operator:  If you have computer skills, can type accurately, and are available on Mondays, this job would be great for you! 

Other positions are available, but there are at the top of our “most needed” list!  They help us do what we say we want to do . . . love God, love people, and follow Jesus!  Send Pastor Jack an email (jack@abcaz.net) if you are interested!

ABC Member Ken Herman

Portraits Magazine just published an article on ABC Member Ken Herman.  He serves as a chaplain and as the Pastoral Activities Administrator for the Arizona Director of Corrections.  If you don’t get Portraits Magazine (sent free to members of Arizona Southern Baptist Convention Churches), please let the office know.  You can get the magazine in printed form or in digital form.

In the meantime, you can read the article online by following this link and going to page 17.

How about your story?  How do you serve God?  If you have a story of interest to our members, we will print it or make a video to share.

Your story might be an encouragement to others!


Fall Festival 2021!

October 31, 2:00 - 5:00 pm!


I am impressed by the overall generosity of this church! The candy is coming in Buckets!! I have been bringing up the Fall Festival for what feels like three months I realized that it has only been like three weeks. You all are filling in the sign-up sheets and it seems you are ready to make this event a big-time event for Jesus! So, if you have read this far and you haven’t signed up yet, the form is literally directly next to this article! Do me a huge favor and sign up! 

Can’t wait to see what God is going to do thru us!!


Pastor Jeremy (jeremy@abcaz.net)

Fall Festival Workers
Full Name

Yard Sale!

A portable air conditioner unit that really works.  A microwave oven in good condition.  An assortment of coffee cups.  Those are some things that I have already set aside for our Yard Sale on October 23. There will be more.

These items and everything we sell will benefit our Brown Bag Ministry.  This ministry provides a brown bag lunch to anyone who is hungry, with no qualifying or paperwork.  Some are homeless.  Some are low-income.  A sizeable number work low-wage jobs and they pick up their lunches on the way to work.

It’s a great ministry and your donations (and purchases) will help us help people.  Since we have very little storage space, please do not bring in your items until October 18!


We partner with the St. Mary’s Food Bank and Westside Head Start to offer local families free food once each month.  The distribution is in our parking lot on the first Wednesday of each month.  Typically, we help between 75 and 100 families each month.

St. Mary’s Food Bank provides the food (their truck usually arrives between 6:00 and 7:00 am), we provide the space, and Head Start helps us with additional volunteers and leadership.

Our next food distribution is scheduled for Wednesday morning, November 3, from 8:00 to 10:00 am.

Volunteers are responsible for separating and bagging the food, meeting and greeting people (who stay in their cars), and loading the food into trunks.

It’s a great way to show God’s love to our community!  Let us know (call the office and talk to Phil or email phil@abcaz.net) if you would like to work!

A Loving Way to Think about our Fall Festival.

There are all kinds of opinions about having a Fall Festival on October 31, and–trust me–I’ve heard all of them.

I look at it in a simple way.  

As many as 1000 people will join us from our community that day.  And we get to love them and tell them about Jesus.

They are willingly coming to our parking lot for fun, games, candy, and snacks.   There will be preschoolers, children, teens, families, and even old people like me.

I encourage you to join us and share God’s love!




It’s October, and our prayer meeting has a new link!  Join our Prayer Meetings on Zoom on Wednesday at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81313563601.  Our online prayer group calls themselves the ABC Zoomers!

Or you can join us for prayer meeting in the worship center or on Zoom at 7:00 pm this Wednesday and every Wednesday!  It’s part of our renewed focus on prayer at ABC! 


Long term things to plan for:  Wildlife World Zoo Trip, November 26.  Christmas Celebration, December 12.  Christmas Eve Service, December 24.

We continue to get reports that emails supposedly coming from Pastor Jack (BUT not from his email address) are asking people for gift cards.  WE DO NOT REQUEST funds via email.  They are fraudulent.  This is just another scam–and it’s happening to pastors all across America.  Please do not fall for it!

Covid is still an issue, and several of our members have had cases in the last few weeks.  Thankfully, most of the cases have been mild, and we are not aware of anyone catching the virus at church.  Still, we ask people to continue to be careful, to wear masks when appropriate, and to be sensitive to the fact that many people do not want to hug or handshake during these times.

Do you have a drone we could borrow to take some pictures with?  We want some new overhead pictures of our campus.   Contact Pastor Jack at jack@abcaz.net.  

Want to attend the annual meeting of the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention?  This year’s meeting is in Lake Havasu City on Friday, November 12.  We are allowed up to 15 messengers from our church.