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Getting Practical

Many years ago, a perceptive church member came up to me after my preaching and said, “Good message, Pastor, but what are we supposed to do?”  Apparently, I had proven my point but I did not give a very strong … Continue reading

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Condemnation of Norway Shooting

When terrorists attacked the World Trade towers, Americans rightly called upon Muslim leaders to condemn the acts, since the terrorists were followers of Islam.  And there was a considerable amount of consternation when the condemnations weren’t forthcoming or when they … Continue reading

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Life Is An Adventure

My family and I recently returned from our Colorado Vacation.  We stayed in the Rocky Mountain National Park area (Grand Lake) and then again near Durango.  We had an incredible time.  You can see some of my children and a son-in-law … Continue reading

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Faith, Politics, and Religious Freedom

A candidate for president whom I otherwise respect said something this week that should cause all Americans–and especially all Christians–to stop and think seriously about our freedom of religion.  He said that communities should “have the right” to ban Muslim … Continue reading

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